Restorative dentistry has a simple definition behind it: to restore your oral health to its original, working form.However, the techniques involved in restorative dentistry are not always as easy to understand. It takes years of practice to know how to restore a mouth to its normal function. Dr. Cassidy and his team have the knowledge and years of expertise necessary to specialize in restorative dentistry. By working one on one with patients, they provide care that is tailored to exactly what you want and need.

Restorative dentistry incorporates many different dental techniques to restore your mouth. Dr. Cassidy and his professional dental staff specialize in the following services: veneers, implants, crowns and bridges, complete and partial dentures.

Unlike the traditional dental visit, our patients are first seen in a consultation setting. Each patient meets with Dr. Cassidy privately to discuss his or her needs. You and Dr. Cassidy will discuss your concerns and goals and how to achieve those goals.

[Dental Procedures for Oral Health]

During your first visit with Dr. Cassidy, he will help outline the process which you would need to follow in order to achieve your dental goals. This treatment plan will consist of the different procedures that will take place. Dr. Cassidy will also discuss a timeline for these procedures. Restorative dentistry is a process that takes time to get right.

Dr. Cassidy and his team want your mouth to be as beautiful as you do. Some dentists may try to find a quick fix for your problem or a one size fits all solution. Dr. Cassidy will work with you personally to develop a treatment plan that is the correct solution for the problem at hand.

After you and Dr. Cassidy put together your treatment plan, it is time to implement the procedures needed for your restorative process.

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