Basic Restorative Concepts for a Top 10% Practice

You will be more successful as a team than as an individual. With this in mind, we have created our Basic Restorative Concepts for a Top 10% Practice seminar which allows a team approach to implementing the concepts of predictability through quality control. This unique seminar will allow you and your staff to learn the essential clinical and technical skills necessary to establish a highly successful dental practice.

You and your staff will learn:

  • The benefits of implementing the Comprehensive Point Exam in your practice
  • The role of staff members in a comprehensive practice
  • The critical components of the masticatory system and how to evaluate stability
  • How to determine if you have achieved stable condyle position throughout the verification process
  • How to perform a TMJ exam
  • How to implement classification systems to determine relative health of TMJ's
  • How to evaluate condyle disc alignment and its impact on coordinated muscle function
  • The basic principles of centric relation and how to capture this position with bimanual manipulation
  • How to know when dealing with damaged TMJ
  • How to recognize masticatory system instability and breakdown
  • How to use a system of diagnosis records to enhance diagnosis and communication with your points
  • Using the 5x5 to diagnose and treat with comprehensive mindset
  • A complete understanding of anterior guidance and its importance in creating stability of the masticatory system
  • The eight step process of restoring anterior teeth
  • Understanding occlusal appliances and their benefits in achieving harmony with Teeth, Muscles, and Joints
  • Understanding why patients need pre-restorative equilibration and how to have your patients accept it
  • The steps of diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment sequencing in basic and complex restorative cases
  • Why diagnostic wax-ups are the best practice builders you can have
  • How to produce the highest quality provisionals in the most difficult cases
  • Implementation of putty provisional technique in your office
  • Insertion and maintenance of the high-quality C&B patient
  • The effectiveness of soft tissue management and how it relates to acquiring health and stability to the tempromandibular joint through splint fabrication

Laboratory skills you and your staff will learn:

  • How to achieve accurate interchangeably mounted models in centric relation
  • How to establish and complete jaw relation records using Delar wax
  • How to obtain a proper face bow transfer
  • How to take a precise alginate impression and pour a bubble-free cast
  • How to mount upper and lower models with the facebow technique and be able to verify accuracy
  • How to consistently achieve quality life-like anterior provisionals using the indirect technique
  • How to fabricate a high quality occlusal splint that requires no relines and can be inserted in fifteen minutes